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Bird's Spa Heated Bath

Give birds the gift of fresh water, even in subzero weather!
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When temperatures drop, fresh unfrozen water can become even more critical than food for wild birds. This heated birdbath lets you provide ice-free water year-round to the birds in your area! The heating element is hidden beneath the bowl, and keeps water ice-free in temperatures as low as -20° F. Simply plug an outdoor extension cord into the 150-watt, 15" power cord during colder weather. The power cord and plug store inside the pedestal. The hollow pedestal may be filled with sand for the greatest stability. Made of heavy-duty plastic composite that withstands the worst weather handily. The bowl design follows standards recommended for a good birdbath: It has a textured surface and contoured rim for secure perching, and gradually slopes to two inches deep for drinking and bathing.

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Customer Reviews for Bird's Spa Heated Bath

Bird Spa Review by Linda DiPierro - Mastic, NY
Posted on 2011-10-30

I was very disappointed in the Bird Spa bird bath because it was hard to get the cord plub through that hole in the bottom of the stand. Then it was difficult to get the cord into the slot at the bottom so I could put the plastic plug back in. I had to cut the slot bigger with a knife because the cord was too fat. It was also hard to put sand or pebbles into the stand because the in order to do so you have to lift off the top of the bird bath and then the cord isn't all the way down into the stand. Then it was very difficult to put the plastic plug back onto the hole, which has to be done or the pebbles or sand falls right out. Also, the stand is made of a much cheaper plastic than the bowl and I don't think it's going to last as long as the bowl. The bottom is already bulging in one spot.

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3968 for $139.99
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