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Bluebird Feeder in a Cage

Safe and secure feeding for beautiful Bluebirds!
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Very popular with our bluebirds, this impressive metal feeder with a cobalt-blue dish in the center is just right for offering Bluebird Banquet, mealworms, or other treats! Wires are spaced 1½″ apart to allow bluebirds in, but deter larger birds. The solid top protects both food and feeding birds and removes easily, which makes cleaning a snap. And the beautiful blue enamel finish will look good for years! 8″ H, 14″ W.

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Customer Reviews for Bluebird Feeder in a Cage

Good concept Review by Becky Bell - Alexandria, KY
Posted on 2013-03-11

I like the concept and it is working--bluebirds are coming inside to eat and it's keeping robins and starlings out, but refilling it--ugh. The slide on the top cable is almost impossible for me to move to open it up. It came with no instructions. Am I missing a trick?

Bluebird lover Review by Susan - Carlisle, PA
Posted on 2014-01-16

Excellent for keeping Starlings away from the mealworms.

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4445 for $69.99
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