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Hi-Vitality™ Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate (32 oz)

Much healthier than plain sugar water!
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Exclusive! Fortified with calcium for strong egg shells, Vitamin D so birds can absorb the calcium, protein for strength and even electrolytes and vitamins A and C for general health! 32 oz. makes 7 quarts – a little goes a long way! No need to refrigerate.

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Customer Reviews for Hi-Vitality™ Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate (32 oz)

No need for the red dye Review by Linda - Charlotte, North Carolina
Posted on 2008-04-15

It is a fact that you should not use red dye to attract the hummingbirds. The color of red or pink should be on the FEEDER IT SELF. (hummers are attracted to the colors of flowers) A simple mixture of 4 parts water to 1 part sugar, boiled, then cooled is best. Keep unused solution in the fridge and clean and change hummingbird feeders often. Even as much as every 2 to 3 days in summer. If the solution in your feeder looks cloudy or you can see black growth, this can sicken or even kill hummers. If this happens clean the feeder thorougly in warm soapy water, then rince well and refil

Not red anymore Review by Hi-Vitality Hummingbird Nectar - Southlake, Texas
Posted on 2008-05-14

The Hi-Vitality Hummingbird Nectar may have been red at one time(as shown in the picture), but it is not anymore. Additionally, the Nectar contains added vitamins such as calcium which hummingbird females need for egg-laying. Audobon Workshop needs to change the picture of this product, but the product itself is wonderful. No need to refrigerate....easy to boiling or waiting for stuff to cool. It would be great if a reviewer would actually try the product before bashing it!

Great Review by Ronnie - Thornton, CO
Posted on 2008-06-03

Great product, worth the money spended. Infact, value for every penny spend!

Good Review by Cassie - Dayton, OH
Posted on 2008-06-03

Good product. I like it. The birds love to have this nectar and they come again and again to have it, I enjoy seeing them and they enjoy seeing this nectar in the feerer.

Feed the hummers! 2011 drought Review by Jane - Austin , TX
Posted on 2011-09-01

No red dye Hi-vitality hummer food. This is way better for the birds than plain sugar water. Local paper just had an article that says Texas drought threatens hundred of thousand of hummers. Experts are asking people to a supply of food and water, during the Sept & Oct migration. (Google it). Please help the hummers with high quality food.

Lasts longer; more convenient Review by Just ME - Hernando, FL
Posted on 2012-06-05

I was spending a lot of time boiling water and making sugar water only to have to throw most of it out and clean the feeder because it got cloudy and yucky (again!). This concentrate is not only better for the birds, it's easier to mix, and it keeps tremendously. Now I can wait until the solution is used by the hummingbirds before I need to clean and re-fill my feeders. I love it! Well worth the price.

THEY LOVE THIS!! Review by Cheryl - landisburg, PA
Posted on 2012-07-06

In all the years I've been feeding hummingbirds (sugar water), this is the FIRST time I've had to refill the feeders every third day ... they LOVE this! Maybe it's the extra concentrated ratio (3:1) they enjoy, I don't know. I did, at the manufacturer's request, drop the ratio to 6:1 during the summer, buy they didn't seem interested -- so I upped it back to 3:1 and they're draining the feeders as fast as I can refill them. If you enjoy hummingbirds, go the extra mile and use this concentrate -- you won't be disappointed!

Great Product Review by Jan - Marietta, GA
Posted on 2013-04-08

I love this product. I have been using it for 2 years. It is very easy to mix a small amount as the hummingbirds need it, and keep the supply fresh. It is NOT red as one evaluator mentioned, which is healthier for the hummingbirds. They love the taste evidently, because I have them waiting at the feeders all summer long.

humming bird food Review by chad Eller - greenville, OH
Posted on 2013-06-01

The stuff really works ! i had 4 hummingbirds n the 5th one was trying to fight off the other 4 to have it all to itself ! it really draws them in !

great stuff Review by Antoinette Hannahs - Elk Grove , CA
Posted on 2013-09-09

I have been feeding humming birds for a long time using sugar and water mixture. I never had many hummers until this year when I started feeding them this concentrate. They love it. Now I have hummers all day long. And it is so easy to use. Just mix and fill.

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