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Redi-MealTM Mealworms (2,000 count)

Protein, fat, and potassium!
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Insect-eating birds need the nutrients in insects like mealworms to maintain their energy levels, especially in winter's cold and during breeding. Easy to use and will keep for up to a year in a cool, dry place. Add to seed mix or offer alone, and watch the birds flock to your feeder!

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Customer Reviews for Redi-MealTM Mealworms (2,000 count)

This is for the birds. Review by chloe burden - Reno, Nevada
Posted on 2007-09-05

I feed my backyard birds these worms and they can't get enough of them. Even the flickers (who are normally very cautious) come right in and eat them. It is an excellent source of protein during the winter months and clean and easy to use. Your birds will thank you for it.

Variety of Food creates excitement Review by Teresa - Nantucket, MA
Posted on 2008-06-06

I love the bug variety from Audubon. Once you use these bugs, birds of all kinds flock to my feeders, even after I run out. Unlike other seed, there are no leftovers or droppings.

Wrens & Mealworms Review by Carol Berkeley - Boxford, Ma.
Posted on 2008-06-25

I watched Carolina Wren raise three babies on these worms. I hung a dish on my front porch next to the nest pouch. I had to fill it daily and sometimes twice a day. These worms raised three healthy babies. I love feeding my birds these treats. I have greatly increased my bird variety since adding them to my feeding trays.

Blubird staple Review by tony - Avon, IN
Posted on 2009-03-28

Good early spring food for bluebirds, also wrens. Bluebirds prefer live mealworms but these dried ones are cheaper and easy to store. The bluebirds did not eat the dried worms as well last summer when plenty of insects were available, but in March they visit the feeder 10+ times a day. When I add new worms they are on the feeder within a minute!

dried mealworms Review by LOIS - ocsla, Fl
Posted on 2009-08-17

I can't get the bluebirds to look twice at these. may be spoiled from the live ones

Bluebirds Review by Sherry - Grand Haven, Michigan
Posted on 2011-07-02

These mealworms sure keep the bluebirds around. Their babies are gone and the pair still wait for me to fill the feeder.

attracts bluebirds Review by Sherry Fricano - Grand Haven, MI
Posted on 2012-04-21

I've been using these for three years. I put them out right next to the bluebird box as soon as I see them in the area. I always get a pair nesting. What a thrill.

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2849 for $9.99
Buy 2 or more for $8.99 each
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