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Squirrel Buster™ Plus

Ingenious design, top-quality materials!
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For reliability, durability and truly effective design, this extra-large feeder is hard to beat! Its patented design uses the heavier weight of squirrels, grackles or starlings to trigger a spring mechanism that lowers the outer sheath to cover the feeding ports, while the ingenious ventilation system keeps seed dry and palatable. And it easily disassembles for easy cleaning—no tools needed! Materials are top quality—rugged UV-filtered ABS and polycarbonate resins for the seed tubes and feeding ports, and powder-coated aluminum for the metal sheathes; hangers, hoods, springs and fasteners are all stainless steel. Perches can adjust to fit only small or medium size birds, while the ring attachment gives Cardinals a comfortable perch. Holds 3 qts. so it feeds a lot of birds. Truly an investment that will pay you back in years of satisfaction and enjoyment! 23-3/4"H x 6"W.

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Customer Reviews for Squirrel Buster™ Plus

not quite squirrel proof Review by Christopher King - Ballwin, Mo
Posted on 2007-08-08

I have had my feeder for about a year and a half. I have spent hours watching the squirrels trying to get the seed. They became so frustrated they literally started to chew the top of the feeder where the wire hanger comes out. It has taken several months but eventually the hole will be too large and the feeder will drop to the ground. I must say this is the longest I have ever had a feeder last.

It is really squirrel proof! Review by Ellen - Buffalo, NY
Posted on 2007-09-22

I'm not sure which has been more fun - watching the birds feed or being amused by the squirrels trying to gain access to the seed. This is really a good feeder. I've tried several feeders and this is the only one that the squirrels haven't been able to master. There are a lot of squirrels in my yard and they have given up even trying to get into this feeder.

Works well but... Review by Ed - Minneapolis, MN
Posted on 2007-11-10

Works well at keeping the squirrels at bay. I found that with the "cardinal ring" attached - that it was too easy for house sparrows to empty the feeder within a day or so. I removed the ring - and shortened the perches - but even at shortest setting - house sparrows could still feed. I wound up removing the perches altogether - and it became a perfect chickadee/nuthatch feeder - since these guys could cling. I may try filling it with Safflower seeds and putting the ring back on - to see if I can turn it back into a cardinal feeder - which is way I bought it it the first place. I must say - this is very well constructed - but would be nice if perches could be shortened even further.

IT WORKS !! Review by Kevin - East Hartford, CT
Posted on 2008-03-30

Finally someone developed a feeder that really does keep the squirrels out. I like most people have spent hundreds of dollars over the yrs on "squirrel proof" feeders but this one REALLY WORKS. It is worth every cent

Squirrell and large bird proof Review by Linda M. - West Chester, PA
Posted on 2008-03-31

I bought my first Squirrel Buster feeder over a year ago because the crows were eating all the seed from my other feeder. It was great being able to adjust the spring tension so the ports close when the larger birds land to feed. I'm also pleased with the amount of seed it holds. I even bought a second one to hang outside my window at work!

I love this feeder! Review by Julie - Boone, Iowa
Posted on 2008-04-15

This feeder is great! I finally have a feeder that the cardinals can use and enjoy and the squirrels cannot. It also is a large feeder that I don't have to be filling constantly.

Now they can share Review by Barb - Spring Hill, FL
Posted on 2008-12-07

I literally have 15+ squirrels in my yard. With this wonderful feeder I reserve one feeder for the birds and another type feeder for the squirrels. I am going to order another and not attach the cardinal ring so that the smaller birds can have their own place.

Great feeder and company Review by Julie - Auburn, Ma
Posted on 2009-06-12

This feeder is great. I did have a problem w/ it and contacted the manufacturer. I'd call them the LLBean of bird feeders. Super helpful and sent me a new part to fix my feeder free of charge! Got it in a day or two too! If you have problems w/ this feeder (something breaks, don't throw it away - contact the company and they will likely get you a new part!

This feeder really works. Review by Diane - Spotsyhlvania, Virginia
Posted on 2010-05-19

After years of trying to outwit the little bushy tailed thieves with every feeder and contrivance recommended as a deterrent, I recently purchased the Squirrel Buster Plus as a last resort. To my amazement, it really works, they have all but given up even trying to get onto the feeder. We are having a great time watching our local bird population including a pudgy red headed woodpecker who keeps hanging around to check out the seed that manages to drop to the ground. This is a great product!!!

Thwarted squirrels; less cleanup for me! Review by Marie Louise Lepping - Langhorne, Pennsylvania
Posted on 2010-11-17

This feeder is the best I've ever had, but it has not helped make my squirrels any less ambitious! When they could not get to the feed any other way, they hung onto the ring perch and chewed into the metal base of the feeder to the point that it might just disconnect from the feeder over this, its second winter! My teeth should be so strong! They have not, however gotten any seed directly from the feeder, and have mostly resigned themselves to accepting the tasty morsels that drop from above as the birds eat. I am glad to let them clean up the area under the feeder. No more raking for me!!!!

only true squirrel proof feeder Review by Jeff - Pittsburgh, PA
Posted on 2011-01-13

I bought this feeder about 4 years ago after the squirrels destroyed my last squirrel proof feeder. I kept waiting for the squirrels to get to the seed and they never did. I have 2 of these feeders now with both adjusted for smaller birds, one with hearts and the other with black oil. I do feed the squirrels at their own platform feeders but they get stripped sunflower. I have one feeder thats 10 years old with safflower in it and when it needs to be replaced I will buy this #2251 feeder. I have saved alot of money in not buying feeders that the squirrels destroy. I enjoy feeding and taking photo's of the birds at my feeders.

Best one yet Review by Marty D. - Chicago, IL
Posted on 2012-02-22

Best feeder I ever owned. I love watching the squirrels get frustrated trying their best to get access to the seeds. And the product service from the manufacturer is great and outstanding. I needed a part and they were very very very responsive and responded immediately.

Best Thing to just feed the birds Review by Mark - kansas City, MO
Posted on 2012-06-17

Buy it if you are tired of feeding the squirells it has paid for itself ten times over in the the fact that those rats with bushy tails can eat the sunflower seeds

well worth it Review by carolyn wlasic - glen burnie, MD
Posted on 2012-11-06

Best feeder I've ever bought. Worth every penny. I've had 2 of them; 1st one lasted 5yrs! It may be called "squirrel buster" but in my yard, the big problem is pigeons. They've broken countless feeders because they're so big & they swarm by the dozens. Guess there's a reason they're called "pigs with wings"!.

Best feeder, except ... Review by Beverly Sheridan - Kokomo, IN
Posted on 2013-11-21

After going through many less expensive squirrel proof feeders, I finally decided to make the investment and buy this quality feeder. I had been eyeing it for quite a while. It truly is a quality feeder, and I've finally stymied my smartest squirrels. I've been using it for a few years now and have felt it was worth the investment. I would have loved to give it five stars, but my main complaint is that it does not keep the seed dry enough. In fact it seems every time it rains, the seed gets wet, clumping into a hard mass, making it impossible for the birds to feed after a short time. I don't think there are many feeders out there that don't do this, but I was hoping for more from this feeder. Every time it clumps up, I have to find something sharp to break it up. It's kind of hard to access the clump, so it's an annoying messy job. It does disassemble nicely and cleans well in the dishwasher, but you have to work on it before you put it in. The other complaint would be that my cardinals find it very difficult to feed from it. They pretty much have given up on it. I'm still on the hunt for that PERFECT feeder!

Lives up to its name Review by Jane - Northport, NY
Posted on 2014-01-21

Have truly been enjoying this bird feeder after purchasing it 8 months ago. After the first attempts, squirrels have abandoned it - a first for any bird feeder we've ever had! Well constructed and adjustable to discourage large birds as well. Worth every penny!

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