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Bat House

Attract bats and get rid of pesky insects the natural way!
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A single small brown bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes and other insects in an hour, so a colony can really make a dent in the insects in your yard! This bat house will accommodate up to 36 bats, and is handmade of long-lasting cedar left rough-cut to provide easy gripping, with a textured landing plate and an extension with a pre-drilled hole for easy mounting. Install in spring, several weeks before bats return for the summer. Place 12′-15′ high on a pole, or under the eaves of a building, preferably facing south for sun. Avoid windows, doors and decks so guano is not a problem. Finally, be patient – it may take a year or two for bats to find your house. 20" H, 12-3/4" W, 4" D, interior 1-5/16" deep.

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